Raid Specific Rules

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Raid Specific Rules

Postby Ragonz » Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:22 pm


During raiding there are a number of rules that you must follow.

You must sign up for raids here

You must have the following addon's (Only if you are a class that can decurse, Healers you dont need this if you have VuhDo)

You must be present on discord, Http://
You must be present on Teamspeak 3 ( for raids
Ideally you need to be able to talk on Teamspeak, for mythics if you do not talk I may need to replace you

You need to have sufficient items to raid with (detailed below)
Enough flasks to cover from when we get to the first boss to the end of the raid
Enough potions for a good few tries on bosses within each raid
Money for repairs

When you obtain an item of loot that is not an upgrade for you we expect you to offer it up to members in the raid that it is an upgrade for, if nobody needs it, it will be disenchanted for mats.

Whilst raiding we like to have a relaxed atmosphere so talking and having a laugh is encouraged. However when the raid leader starts talking/explaining you must be quiet. THis also extends to whilst fighting against bosses, the only exceptions to the rule are
1. after the raid leader has finished explaining you can suggest an alternative tactic if you are comfortable explaining it and know it works
2. You have vital information during a bossfight like "Adds, South-West"

Those who continually interrupt during raids will be subject to removal from raids.

Full guild Code of Conduct here
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Re: Raid Specific Rules

Postby Gaskal » Wed Nov 05, 2014 10:47 am

and no heavy breathing!
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Re: Raid Specific Rules

Postby Gaskal » Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:59 pm

To add to the above, please try and bring your own food for a fair amount of boss tries.

We will endeavour to provide feasts, but occasionally you may be expected to feed yourself!
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Re: Raid Specific Rules

Postby Petra » Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:01 pm


I'm the rogue Pétrá you contacted threw ingame wisper. I'm currentlly rocking a 865 outlaw rogue, love my class and know it well since TBC. Hot 7/7 Hc and 1/7 on mythic.

I'm a 20 yera old guy form Sweden, currentlly work as a teacher assistant ( for kids with speciall needs )
I'm a guy with good humor and (Okay) english i guss, i'm better vocally then in text. I got abit off dyslexia, but nothing teh bather me more then my spelling.

Hope you're intrested in me, see ya!
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