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To Apply, Copy the below template into a new post and fill out

1. Personal info

- Your first name: James
- Age: 37
- Country: England
- Occupation: Security

2. About your character:

- Server: Shattered Hand
- Character name: Marsican
- Class: Guardian Druid
- How long have you had your current character?:
- Armory profile of the character you are applying with: ... can/simple
- Armory profile of any other of your characters worth mentioning (optional):
- Do you have any issues with respeccing upon request/guild needs?: No, just gear collection, tanked right to 90

3. Tech stuff (if you're not sure what to answer, just keep the answer field blank)

- Do you have a stable connection: Yes
- CPU & GPU: Currently Mac but new computer on the way.
- What is your most favorite addon, why?: Raven, Buff n debut tracking is essential
- Do you have an authenticator: Not currently

4. Experience:

- How long have you been playing WoW: 6 Years
- Previous raid experience: (running back at higher lvl doesn't count)
- MoP: Up to Normal Siege of Org, tanking and healing
- Cataclysm: None
- WotLK: 25 Man ICC Normal mode, DPS and Heals (account now closed)
- TBC: None
- Vanilla: None

5. Raiding information:

- Do you have Mumble and a working mic: Yes
- Are you able to raid on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays 20:30 to 00:00: Yes, except two nights in a month
- Would you be happy if we decided to go some old content one evening instead of current raids: Of course
- Raiding usually involves many hours of wipes, are you prepared for this?: Of course, bring buff food n flasks!!

6. Additional information:

- Reason you want to The Steak House: A friend is in guild, I have listened to the fun to be had and I am dedicated, my kind of people.
- Do you know any members of the guild? If so, how: Personally know Malop through work for nearly 8 years. Drinking buddy occasionally and know the family.
- Will you be able to keep your character up to date with class/stat changes if they happen: Yes
- What do you feel you can contribute with in a raiding guild: Consistency and positivity. Plus, I read a lot n watch tac vids.
- How do you prepare for new content: Get the talents right, glyphs and gear searching. Roll with the punches and keep an ear to the ground.
- What do you expect from our guild: Nothing other than fun and dedication.
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Re: Apply!

Postby Ragonz » Tue Nov 11, 2014 12:33 am

Application Accepted
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