Thrage's application

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Thrage's application

Postby Thrage » Tue Nov 15, 2016 7:21 pm

Hi everyone! I've been an in-game member of the guild for a little while now but just realized that I probably should throw on of these up, so here goes. :)

1. Personal info

- Your first name: Max
- Age: 20, soon to be 21
- Country: Sweden
- Occupation: Student

2. About your character:

- Server: Shattered Hand
- Character name: Thrage
- Class/spec: Druid, guardian MS balance OS
- Current Ilvl: MS 864, OS 857(not fully balance geared yet though)
- How long have you had your current character?: Created it in the pre-Legion patch and I've been playing it nearly daily ever since.
- Armory profile of the character you are applying with: ... age/simple
- Armory profile of any other of your characters worth mentioning (optional): My priest, slowly approaching 110. ... nzi/simple
- Do you have any issues with respeccing upon request/guild needs?: I wouldn't mind on bit! I'd just prefer not having to play Feral due to how boring I find it.

3. Tech stuff (if you're not sure what to answer, just keep the answer field blank)

- Do you have a stable connection: Yes, disconnects maybe one time in 6-8 hours of straight gaming and on those rare occasions all that is needed is a relog and I'm ready to get going again.
- CPU & GPU: Intel Core i5-3350CPU @3.10 GHz and GeForce GTX 760
- What is your most favorite addon, why?: Quartz, it makes everything look a lot more slick and I love how it handles dots, enemy cast bars etc. Of course the one I find most important is DBM for obvious reasons such as taunt alerts and how effeciently it makes boss fights easier.
- Do you have an authenticator: Yes I do.

4. Experience:

- How long have you been playing WoW: Started playing in 2006 or 2007 and played continuously until the release of Cata. Since then I've been playing for at least 4-6 months each expansion in end-game content.
- Previous raid experience:
- MoP: LFR and a few PuGs.
- Cataclysm: LFR.
- WotLK: Primary healer(Holy Pala) for my guilds core raid team throughout the expansion as well as playing Warlock, Prot Paladin and some Retri Paladin. Unfortunately, that account was lost some time ago.
- TBC: None due to being 10 or 11 years old and not knowing the first thing about how to actually play the game at the time.
- Vanilla: None, didn't even play back in vanilla.

5. Raiding information:

- Do you have Mumble and a working mic: Yes, sir!
- What days are you able to raid on and what time from/till: It honestly varies quite a lot. For certain Wednesdays are a no-go unless the raid starts sometime after 19.00 P.M Server Time. Generally speaking I can usually join on all days between 17.30 and 23.30/00.00 Server Time.
- Would you be happy if we decided to go some old content one evening instead of current raids: I wouldn't mind seeming as transmogs and achievments are quite a large side-interest for me.
- Raiding usually involves many hours of wipes, are you prepared for this?: Yes I am, don't have anything better to do with my evenings anyhow. ;)

6. Additional information:

- Reason you want to join The Steak House: It seems like a really nice place to spend the expansion, both socially and progress-wise. Especially considering the warm welcome I've had so far!
- Do you know any members of the guild? If so, how: Not really, I recognize some of the character names because I've spent quite some time online.
- Will you be able to keep your character up to date with class/stat changes if they happen: I will most likely be able to. It may prove a problem if the class/stat change happens to occur during exam weeks and such, but in that case I'll catch up the week after.
- What do you feel you can contribute with in a raiding guild: A nice attitude, a helpful mindset and hopefully some new progress.
- How do you prepare for new content: I read up on patch notes and try to find videos describing primarily the tank tacts. I try to get some sort of basic insight into what DPS and healers are supposed to be doing as well.
- What do you expect from our guild: I expect The Steak House to grow and prosper with a positive attitude, good times and a lot of loot being obtained as we are vanquishing Azeroth of the Burning Legion once more!
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Re: Thrage's application

Postby Ragonz » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:04 pm

Application was accepted
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