Application for raiding

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Application for raiding

Postby Gorane » Sat Nov 15, 2014 9:51 pm

- Your first name: Marco
- Age: 18
- Country: from serbia live in sweden
- Occupation: student

2. About your character:

- Server: Shattered Hand
- Character name: Gorane
- Class: Paladin Retri
- How long have you had your current character?: Not that long total time played is only 11 days. This has been one of my smaller alts and for WoD i decided i wanted to go Pally.
- Armory profile of the character you are applying with: ... ane/simple
- Armory profile of any other of your characters worth mentioning (optional):
- Do you have any issues with respeccing upon request/guild needs?:

3. Tech stuff (if you're not sure what to answer, just keep the answer field blank)

- Do you have a stable connection: Yes.
- CPU & GPU: i5 4690k and a asus gtx 770
- What is your most favorite addon, why?: DBM, just easier to keep track of bosses cds and such
- Do you have an authenticator: Yes

4. Experience:

- How long have you been playing WoW: Since late Vanilla , around 2005
- Previous raid experience: (running back at higher lvl doesn't count)
- MoP: Full heart of fear - Siege of orgrimmar on Normal pre patch.
- Cataclysm: Didn't play cata at all.
- WotLK: killed lich king on 25 man normal and all except lich king on HC
- TBC: Got to Mother Shahraz on 10 man normal
- Vanilla: Never got into raiding during vanilla i was more into PvP

5. Raiding information:

- Do you have Mumble and a working mic: yes
- What days are you able to raid on and what time from/till: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
- Would you be happy if we decided to go some old content one evening instead of current raids: Without letting me know no ( last minute heads up )
- Raiding usually involves many hours of wipes, are you prepared for this?: Oh yes i am used to that.

6. Additional information:

- Reason you want to The Steak House
- Do you know any members of the guild? If so, how: Nope
- Will you be able to keep your character up to date with class/stat changes if they happen: Yep
- What do you feel you can contribute with in a raiding guild: Won't give up on a boss easily, i am a kind and social person.
- How do you prepare for new content: Save up gold and sell all junk i have left on AH
- What do you expect from our guild: Friendlyness, Expect you to be social and experienced, I hope you're not arrogant people.

Just wanna let you know this was not my original main account, my main account got hacked somewhere during the beginning of Cata, that's why i didn't play cata at all. When mop started my friends talked me into playing so i created a new account which is the one im playing on today.

Re: Application for raiding

Postby Ragonz » Thu Nov 27, 2014 9:23 pm

Applications currently closed for retri pally's
Application Denied
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