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Jinck's application

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Jinck's application

Post by Jincks »

1. Personal info

- Your first name: Mandy
- Age: 21 (please note, this is when I stopped counting...13 years ago)
- Country: England
- Occupation: Illustrator

2. About your character:

- Server: Shattered Hand
- Character name: Jincks
- Class/spec: Havoc DH
- Current Ilvl: 153 (literally just started this character yesterday, but it'll be my main for BFA)
- How long have you had your current character?: 2 days now :) I have mains over on Draenor and Earthen Ring, but made the move to SH as my friend uses this server, and he plays as frequently as I do xD He's also looking for a guild by the by...good holy priest main ;)
- Armory profile of the character you are applying with: ... and/Jincks
- Armory profile of any other of your characters worth mentioning (optional): Most recent main before the one above, I only just started on this server... ... Netherella I can send you links for my old mains in MOP etc if you'd like, they were the last ones I raided religiously with.
- Do you have any issues with respeccing upon request/guild needs?: In theory, not at all! :) I did used to heal a couple of expansions ago on an alt when the need arose, but in terms of DH, i do have to warn you that I've literally only ever tanked dungeons, and that was on my old MOP...seriously xD

3. Tech stuff (if you're not sure what to answer, just keep the answer field blank)

- Do you have a stable connection: Yes
- CPU & GPU: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770
- What is your most favorite addon, why?: Elvui, because I recall the days of having to run 17 different add-ons...laaaag!
- Do you have an authenticator: Holy balls, yes!

4. Experience:

- How long have you been playing WoW: Since the end of BC
- Previous raid experience: (running back at higher lvl doesn't count)
- MoP: All of em! This my be a controversial statement but, I loved Pandaland!
- Cataclysm: Ugh, all of em. I gave up trying to get Dragonwrath (I mained Mage back then), my guild were not kind to me with cinders and embers as there were other casters who were tight with the GM...sob!
- WotLK: Fav expansion!! Although, it was my first that i raided through, so it was a pretty magical time :D
- TBC: Caught the tail end of it, but was still too noob to raid at this point!
- Vanilla: Only raided on private servers for this one. God, everything was soooo much harder back then!

5. Raiding information:

- Do you have Mumble and a working mic: I can download Mumble if thats what you're using, sure! Mic good to go!
- What days are you able to raid on and what time from/till: I'm pretty flexible on days can really do any. Time-wise after 9 would be ideal for me, but I can get on earlier if thats what you're going for. Midnight really needs to be my cut off if poss- up early with the little 'un.
- Would you be happy if we decided to go some old content one evening instead of current raids: Hella yes!
- Raiding usually involves many hours of wipes, are you prepared for this?: Sadly, I have extensive experience of this, ha! It's all good, the wipes help you get better, even though it sucks! Just got to fix the problems, and keep trying! xD

6. Additional information:

- Reason you want to join The Steak House: I read your post on Wowhead, and I like that you're based in England for a start- me too! Second, I liked the way you described your guild. I'm really looking for something I've not had since MOP- a home. I've had 2 really good guilds in the many years I've been playing, the first dissolved when the GM left, and the second self-combusted when the 2 GM's irl relationship took a nose dive. I'm always happiest playing WoW as part of a team, and for the last 2 expansions I've not had one- hence why I've done no raiding to speak of during those. I miss being involved, and feeling like a part of something, and I got the feeling I might be able to find that with you. Also, i heard you like steak...I too like steak ^^
- Do you know any members of the guild? If so, how: Nope :(
- Will you be able to keep your character up to date with class/stat changes if they happen: Yep
- What do you feel you can contribute with in a raiding guild: Well I'm chatty and tend to get on well with people. I always come to raid prepared, and dont mind helping people out when they need it. I can focus well during fights, and take direction and constructive critism without getting offended. So basically, I feel like I could contribute a helpful, friendly presence within the guild, and a dedicated, determined and conscientious raider for your team.
- How do you prepare for new content: Check out whats being said about it online- try to know what to expect and what I should be doing. I don't like to rush through new content, but I do try to be ready for raiding in time with the rest of the guild.
- What do you expect from our guild: Ideally? For people to be friendly and active. For other guildies to join in, and let me do the same. People up for a bit of banter, and willing to help each other improve.

Thanks for reading!

Re: Jinck's application

Post by Jincks »

Oh oh and, just wanted to mention, I've played most of the classes and specs over the years, and there's nothing I really dislike, so if you only have space for certain roles in the guild, I would potentially consider rolling a class and spec that would be more beneficial. DPS is my fav, and what I'm best at, but I'm open to helping out by flexing if it'd mean a rejection otherwise.

Also, sorry my application looks like a freakin' essay- brevity is not my strong suit :/
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Re: Jinck's application

Post by Ragonz »

Application accepted
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