The Steak House raiding world of warcraft guild
The Steak House - Returning for Shadowlands!

Updated Website
For the start of Shadowlands we have updated our website. It is a fully customisable website written in PHP along with a recruitment module built in. If you spot any mistakes, things that don't work or have a suggestion please feel free to post in the forums.

New Forums
Along side the new website is a new PHPBB3 forum and a new raid manager which bridges your forum login so you don't need another set of logins. To get to the raid manager and start using it simply follow the instructions below

Raid Manager
To log into the raid manager just click "Raid Manager" at the top of the page. If you have not used it before sign in with the username and password you use on the forums then go to profile and create your character. You are now ready to sign up to raids. All you need to do is click on raids when they appear and choose to sign up as the character you just created.

New People
To start off the new expansion we have opened our doors again and have seen a great number of new faces (as well as old ones) appearing in the guild. From Myself and all the officers we hope you have a good time with the guild and we go on to become one of the realms top guild again.

If you want to apply for The Steak House, please do so by clicking the recruitment button at the top of the page or by clicking the Current Needs box